Text Box: Specialized Services

YOUR PARTNER IN SUCCESS provides the following services for your manufacturing needs:

24 Hour/ 7 Day/ Week Emergency Breakdown Service

General Machining and Design

Gearbox Repair/Rebuild

Custom Gear Manufacturing to 20 ft. Diameter

Gear Repair by Re-banding/ Re-ringing Process on Ductile or Cast Irons, and Steel Materials

Gear Grinding to 72" Diameter

Maintenance Programs/ Seminars- Bearings, Noise Levels

Raw Material Stock up to 24" Diameter

Large Inventory of Gear Cutting Tools

Anyone currently considering new supplier sources have specific expectations regarding quality, reliability, and performance, but also the certainty that the supplier will readily respond to your manufacturing needs.

It takes planning, management and experience to develop the specialized services normally not available in today's industrial market.

In the following pages you will find examples of our unique manufacturing and repair capabilities, which further emphasize our commitment to providing quality, and custom designed services for your companies' manufacturing needs.

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Increasing the durability of Gears and Gear Boxes:
We offer several processes that will greatly increase the durability of the gears and gear boxes that we repair and manufacture.
These processes are:
Cryogenic Treatments
Shot Peening

Text Box: General Machining and Design

CTMI has become a leading source of quality machinery parts by combining highly-skilled technical personnel, unsurpassed machining technology including CNC and an ongoing commitment to customer satisfaction.

We manufacture and re-manufacture all industrial metal products and provide precision machined parts that consistently satisfy close tolerance dimensional characteristics.

Machining is available on steel, stainless steel, aluminum, ductile-cast-grey iron, brass, bronze, wood, plastic and nylon. CTMI manufactures and repairs rolls and shafts to 25 feet and English and metric gears to 20 feet. We also provide motor shaft, bell housing and mold repair, heat treating, steel fabrication, foundry, pattern work and broaching keyways.